Prenatal Classes

PrenAtal Classes Offeredat our clinic Cover........

Overview of labour and birth, with a focus on what you're likely to experience at the various stages.  How to build a pain coping mindset for confidence and resilience in birth, adapt well to changes along the way, and tangible pain coping techniques with in-class practice and tips.


Partners play a significant role in childbirth. Learn how to help her cope with pain, stay focused and what to expect so you feel confident. Learn about the role of doulas and other support. 

Life After Birth: Physical Recovery + Family Adjustment

The first weeks after birth, postpartum recovery & adjustment, changes in your partnership, moods & hormones, physical health and more.

Caring For Your Newborn

Breastfeeding and the all-important latch, sleep, diapering, bathing, and tips for soothing a fussy baby.

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